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What other people are saying about Dr. Blackaby

From a Director of Missions conference, Alpharetta, GA:

Just heard a powerful and insightful message on Elijah– The Soul of a Leader, by Richard Blackaby. So much passion… burden….and reality! All present were richly blessed!!!!

From the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove:

I am a changed person because of what the Lord said through him.  Dr. Blackaby told a story about his son and basketball that made me rethink my priorities.  Both of my children are grown and gone from home, but, now, as the opportunities arise, I stop and focus on them.  I no longer allow myself to say I’m too busy or too tired.

From an Experiencing God conference in Syracuse, NY

It was such a blessing from the Lord to have you and your Dad at Northside this weekend. God used you in a powerful way. I am forever grateful.

From a leadership class taught in Sydney, Australia:

What surprised many of us was how thoroughly “spiritual” the leadership discussions were.  Although much of the discourse was focused on leadership, regularly we were being challenged in a series of seemingly peripheral areas.  Parenting, being a writer, the need for Churches to focus on discipleship, blessing the next generation and joy were just some of those issues that meant a lot to me personally.  Throughout it all though, the idea that the quality of our leadership depends on our own relationship with God was pivotal.  As we grow personally, our capacity to bless others grows.  For me personally, and for everyone I spoke to there, that was indeed the case.  Each of us did grow in our time together, and I’m confident that a lasting effect of Richard’s visit is an increase in capacity of the 58 of us who gathered for that week.  Thank you!!!

Attending Richard’s class was like a southerly breeze pushing the stale, dry air out to sea. Throughout the 3 days I felt a pulse emerge again – passion revived & life resuscitated. That facilitation has been a catalyst for me to go to a new level in my relationship with God, & to pursue the things He has planned for the ministry I have the honor of overseeing at my church.

From an Iron Sharpens Iron conference in Bermuda:

It was truly a blessing to have Richard share with us. He was truly captivating as he shared God’s Word with us. 

From Bethany Baptist in McDonough, Georgia

The weekend at Bethany was awesome! Our leaders were pumped up all weekend. We had a fresh encounter with God this weekend. The presence of the Lord was so powerful on Sunday morning! Our worship was refreshing and the Spirit was moving on hearts. The altar was covered Sunday! I had to move from my spot in front of the pulpit to allow people space at the altar. Our service was packed with over flow crowd. It was a wonderful day!! Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit in your teaching us. Be assured of our prayers!

From a revival at Mt Zion United Methodist Church in Bel Air, Maryland

Richard encouraged, exhorted, and challenged the 500 attendees at each service to examine the condition of their heart and their personal relations with our Lord and Savior. ..  Many were convicted and drew near to God in prayer to revive, refresh, and refuel their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The most frequently heard descriptor of the services was Wow! The Holy Spirit showed up in power and planted the seeds of revival in everyone’s heart. The best testimony to these services was that everyone was sad to see the services end and would have gladly come to more services…  Mt Zion and the many pastors in the county were blessed by God’s humble servant, Richard Blackaby.

From Cornerstone FBC in Williston, North Dakota

For me personally, his wisdom and insight could not have come at a better time. And while I have always enjoyed listening to him speak, whether a sermon or a seminary lecture, nothing was more meaningful to me than the times he and I were able to talk through some of the challenges I am currently facing. I am so thankful that he sees enough in me to be willing to come all this way, and even though I know he was tired, to take the time to listen and encourage. He remains the kind of spiritual leader I seek to become.